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We distribute eleconsumer electronics to major retail chains

Dilectro Electronics is an experienced distributor of consumer electronics to the country's largest retail chains. We specialize in finding market niches and popularizing them. We have successfully started distributing consumer drones, graphic tablets, electric car chargers, among others. We have been on the market since 2015.

  • Graphic tablets
  • Headphones
  • Webcams
  • Chargers for electric cars
  • Service
  • Distribution
  • Many years of experience
Bartosz Kochanowski | Sales manager

Dilectro has been a distributor of consumer electronics since 2015. Many years of experience allow us to effectively anticipate market trends and launch innovative and useful products that solve society’s problems and needs. Our equipment goes on sale to major retail chains at home and abroad.


Dilectro’s story begins with securing a contract to distribute DJI equipment in 2015. The beginning of Dilectro Electronics was closely related to consumer drones. Their place was soon taken by commercial designs, which are supplied to customers along with software, training and service by
Dilectro Enterprise

Dilectro Electronics in 2017 focused on distributing innovative products to meet current market needs. As of 2019, we have the HUION brand in our portfolio, which is one of the largest manufacturers of graphic tablets in the world.

In 2022, we acquired two new brands to diversify our product portfolio. Together with
Autel Energy
we have embarked on an adventure in the automotive sector, where we provide smart chargers for electric cars. It’s an accessory that has become a permanent part of the electromobility landscape. With the OBSBOT brand, we provide residential and institutional customers with smart webcams to facilitate remote and hybrid work.

In 2023, we became the exclusive national distributor of the brand’s products
. We have launched a complete range of True Wireless headphones consisting of 16 models sold at suggested retail prices ranging from £99 (TOZO A3) to £649 (TOZO X1 Golden).

We are constantly on the lookout for new products, which we are successfully introducing to the Polish market.

Equipment from our distribution can be found in the TOP 5 largest consumer electronics stores in the country. Products distributed by Dilectro Electronics can be found in the following retail chains:


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Together with our partners m. in. My Bambino is actively involved in supplying equipment to the education sector by offering preferential terms for the purchase of graphic tablets for schools, universities and kindergartens.


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