Autel Energy is a company founded in 2004 that has quickly become one of the leading suppliers of intelligent products for the automotive sector.

The manufacturer believes in creating an electricity-based future by integrating complete energy solutions into the daily lives of electric vehicle users.

With years of experience in building electric chargers, Autel Energy’s products are refined, efficient, and above all, fully safe for users.

At every stage of the development process, from R&D to design to manufacturing, Autel Energy ensures that products deliver industry-leading innovations in AC and DC charging units, mobile application development and seamless maintenance solutions.

The flagship products supplied by Autel Energy are the increasingly popular wallboxes in various configurations with 7.4, 11 and 22 KW charging power. With a wide range of products, consumers can choose the right charger for their electric car compatible with their electrical installation at the charging site.

Regardless of the fact whether you drive a small city car or a large SUV with a battery capacity of more than 80 kWh, Autel Energy offers the right charger.

Autel Energy’s electric car charging products are a perfect fit for any application, including residential, workplace, retail, commercial parking lots, gas stations and public charging point operators.

For years, Autel Energy has set industry standards for quality, functionality and value for automotive customers by providing complete turnkey charging solutions for electric cars.

Autel Energy products have been in Dilectro’s distribution since 2022.


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