TOZO is a renowned company specializing in the design and manufacture of TWS (True Wireless) wireless headphones and accessories for electronic devices such as wireless chargers, smartwatches and wireless speakers.

Over the past few years, TOZO has provided products to more than 16 million users, acquiring more than 200 patents and 900,000 verified reviews from its customers during that time.

The company has its own R&D department dedicated to developing from scratch all products manufactured by TOZO. The company focuses on research, development and production of digital products with a focus on audio devices and accessories for mobile devices.

TOZO is committed to providing customers with an exceptional sound experience. Believing in the power of music and the impact it has on our lives, TOZO designs headphones that provide excellent sound and comfort. Thanks to advanced technologies and innovations, TOZO headphones allow you to enjoy music without limits, discovering new dimensions of sound.

TOZO’s range of wireless headphones is diversified to meet different customer needs and preferences. From models designed for music lovers, to headphones for those with active lifestyles, to solutions ideal for use in the workplace, TOZO has the right headphones for everyone.

TOZO not only focuses on providing excellent products, but also on providing comprehensive customer service. The company strives to ensure the satisfaction of its customers at every stage of interaction, from purchase to after-sales service.

As a global brand, TOZO is gradually expanding its presence in various markets, including the Polish audio market. We are proud to introduce TOZO’s innovative wireless headphones to stationary stores and online retailers in Poland to give Polish customers access to the latest technology and great sound.

Dilectro Electronics distributes models such as:

  • TOZO A3
  • TOZO Agile Dots
  • TOZO Agile Pods
  • TOZO Anybuds Fits
  • TOZO Anybuds Pro
  • TOZO Gaming Pods
  • TOZO NC7 Pro
  • TOZO NC9 Pro
  • TOZO T6S
  • TOZO T10S
  • TOZO T12
  • TOZO T12 Pro
  • TOZO T18 Crystal Buds
  • TOZO X1 Golden

You can find TOZO products in stores

TOZO X1 Golden
TOZO Gaming Pods
TOZO Agile Pods
TOZO Agile Dots
TOZO T18 Crystal Buds
TOZO T12 Pro

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